Sławomir Gajewski will act as the expert during or conference

Sławomir Gajewski will act as the expert during or conference

Sławomir Gajewski – Torus (Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.) Chairman of the Board

Born in the Mazury region, Sławomir Gajewski is a law graduate at the University of Gdańsk. He has always perceived the Tricity area as the most interesting agglomeration in Poland and has therefore chosen to live and work here, which he has done for over 20 years. Following his legal studies, Mr Gajewski also completed a judiciary apprenticeship before finally settling in   property development.

The experience gained at Agencja Rozwoju Pomorza (Pomerania Development Agency) and at Gdańskie Wydawnictwo Oświatowe (GWO) allowed Mr Gajewski, in 2002, to take on the role of Chairman of the Board at Torus, a GWO-owned, Gdańsk-based property developer. Under his leadership, Torus completed a wide array of property development projects in office, hotel, warehouse and residential sectors, though the company has since specialised in modern office property. Mr Gajewski built the Torus brand in Tricity and on the Polish commercial property market through its ability to plan, strategic thinking and boldness in undertaking new business opportunities. So far, the company has contributed some 80,000 sq. m of office space, effectively pioneering the Tricity modern office market. Currently, Torus is working on its flagship project, Alchemia, the innovative, mixed-use office and retail services complex in Gdańsk. The investment is carried out in four distinct stages.

Mr Gajewski is a visionary who does not shy away from challenges, but he is also known for his keen sense of market analysis. The combined experience and successes achieved by the Torus team signal the company’s desire to expand into other Polish regions. The Torus team comprises of highly-skilled specialists; this allows the company a great deal of independence in carrying out a multitude of roles, including construction, development, lease, sale and management. Torus employees are experts and enthusiasts in their fields – this allows them to complement each other and create a friendly and highly creative work environment. Torus puts a high value on quality and responsibility, which makes the company stand out from the rest on the property market.