Dear Sirs,

The REIT Poland Association and cordially invite you to the 3 rd conference on “SRWN / REIT  – in practice”, which will be held on 19thSeptember 2017.

As you surely know, mission and main objective of the REIT Polska Association is to initiate and support – with the use of our knowledge and experience – all activities aimed to form a legal framework for entities operating under the REIT formula , as well as promoting this type of solutions among Polish citizens and institutions. As an association, we are also an active participant in the legislation process.

Upcoming conference is another important initiative that aims to promote REIT in Poland among the most important representatives of commercial and residential real estate market. Considering the advance of current work conducted by the Ministry of Finance regarding the Act on Real Estate Leasing Companies (SRWN/REIT), this conference can contribute significantly to the growth of the SRWN/REIT idea and also to the understanding of its mechanisms and foundations.


Commercial real estate market in Poland is a prominent and attractive market in Europe. Over the last 25 years it has developed rapidly with minimal participation of Polish investors. In the opinion of the founders of the Association, the current status can change only through the introduction of the legislation and best practices, with great benefit for Polish investors and the Polish economy.

We invited to join Discussion Panels and Speeches at the Conference all specialists in the real estate market participating in polish legislation process. They all represent wide range of participator in real estate – consultants, investors, investment funds and capital markets experts, ministry and administration institutions. We are proud to be catalizator and to connect such different environment, to create a platform for change experiences and points of view. During Conference we will share our common actions and.

We address the event to all real estate participants who are interested in growth of these market.

We are waiting for you on 19th September 2017.

Małgorzata Kosińska

President of the Board, REIT Poland Association

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Sandrine Belbel

Zbigniew Drzewiecki


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